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About Arecont vision

        ArecontNision Costr LC is a US-based companyfounded in 2018. ur headquarters,R&D, manufacturing, and support are in Glendale, Los Angeles County, Calfornia, and the company is a businessunit of Costar Technologies, Inc.(OTC Markets Group:CSTl), based in Coppell Texas.

        InJuly,2018, the original Arecont Vision,llC was acquired by Costar, a Us corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a full range of proven productsfor the video surveillance and machine vision markets. The executive leadership, most employees at time of purchase, andall f Arecont Vision's technology ,trademarks, and patents are now part of the new Arecont Vision Costar.Manufacturing,sales, support, and all other functions continue as before, seving our customers around the world.The product line continues to grow, with the addition of the Arecont Vision Total lideo Solution ". composed of advanced megapixel cameras, cloud-enabled video management systems, web services, and network-managed video recorders.

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